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Winter pool maintenance for a swim-ready pool!

Winter pool maintenance for a swim-ready pool!

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One look out the window, and the last thing you’re probably thinking about right now is going for a swim in your pool! But a few simple maintenance steps now, will ensure you can dive right in when the temperature heats up again and you’re not stuck with cleaning when you could be swimming!

Follow these steps for a pool that is swim-ready when you are…

Clean your pool

A thorough clean of the pool is the first step of your winter maintenance. Skim your pool and make sure there are no leaves or organic matter in the water that could encourage algae growth.

Next, give all the pool surfaces a thorough clean and vacuum. First, scrub all the surfaces with a broom or brush to remove any algal growth or build-up from the summer months. Then, vacuum the pool to remove all the debris and organic material from scrubbing.

Winter pool maintenance for a swim-ready pool!

Clean the filter

The pool will most likely be cloudy from all the scrubbing and vacuuming so, run your filter until the water clears up. It’s a good idea to backwash your filter and if you have filter cartridges, give them a clean too with BioGuard Filter Brite™. As the need for filtration isn’t as high in winter as it is in summer, you may want to reduce it to just a few hours per day. You’ll save on power consumption too!

Stay on the level with your pH

Hate the thought of spending time getting the pool water back to its perfect level just when you’re ready for a swim? Taking the time now to get the pH level right will ensure you can jump in as soon as the temp jumps up!

A pool’s pH level needs to be in the 7.2-7.6 range. If it is too low (acidic), it can corrode your pool equipment. If it is too high (alkaline), it can cause scaling on your pool’s surface and cloud the water. Either of these levels will alter the effectiveness of your pool chemicals. Your BioGuard Approved Retailer will be able to test a water sample of your pool to help determine its pH and the course of action.

Three steps to sparkling clear water all year round

And with these three steps your pool will stay sparkling for summer.

A little effort is all that’s required during winter to ensure that in summer, you’re swimming in your pool instead of cleaning it.

If you have any questions at all, your local BioGuard Approved Retailer will be only too happy to help.