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Warm off the winter blues!

Warm off the winter blues!

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The ancient Romans knew all about a spa's benefits. For Scandinavians, a spa is almost a daily ritual. A soak in a spa or jacuzzi has both physical and mental benefits that can improve our overall health and wellbeing. Benefits that can actually be heightened during the colder months.

A good warm soak in a spa has been proven to reduce joint and muscle pain. It can help the recovery process from sporting injuries and help the body's warm-up process prior to exercise.

But if the sheer enjoyment of just sitting there, with bubbles of soft, soothing, warm water rolling over your body isn't enough to entice you in – here are some more rational reasons to take a well-earned soak.

1. Reduce Stress
As well as having physical benefits, spas can improve mental wellbeing. The jets and hot water make them an ideal place to unwind after a long day. The heat loosens any tight muscles and the bubbles provide a soothing massage. The fun side of spas can also have health benefits. Simply relaxing in one with family members can alleviate any stress by promoting healthy moods and mental wellbeing. Try BioGuard SPA Velvet, in the water, to make it silky smooth to the touch.

2. Reduce your risk of injury
Soaking regularly in a spa can release tight muscles and improve movement, which helps prevent strains or tears. What's more, hot water can help relax the muscles by increasing blood flow to them, and reduce tight knots and lumps. Also, there has been research that shows spas can be particularly good for relieving lower back pain, as the properties are similar to hydrotherapy, which is used in rehabilitation.

3. Improve your sleep
Try jumping into the spa before going to bed – it'll help relax both your body and mind. The swirling water and buoyancy loosen the muscles, and when you feel more relaxed, you get a deeper sleep. The increase in body temperature, and the subsequent drop when getting out of the water also has the potential to aid sleep. As the body cools, its systems (like heart rate) slow down, which increases the feeling of drowsiness.

4. Reduce soreness and stiffness
The flow of hot water increases blood flow to the skin and muscles, which aids the recovery process. This increased blood flow helps muscles recover, prevents stiffness and promotes joint homeostasis. The jets themselves have healing properties, as they can provide a high-pressure hydromassage. Some jets can be adjusted to focus on a specific area of the body – reducing muscle spasms and potentially decreasing pain.

Warm off the winter blues!

5. Speed up recovery
A spell in the spa can also help you recover from injuries and other conditions. As long as the inflammation has subsided (after 48 hours), the hot water and jets can help ease injuries. They can act as a hydrotherapy treatment which aids rehabilitation. The buoyancy of the water also helps people move and perform resistance exercises, which can help with many injuries and conditions. The water takes pressure off certain joints, which can ease pain and help movement. Because of these mobility and strength enhancing properties, a spa may even benefit people by helping conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis.

6. Let the spa's circulation, help your circulation
The constant movement and circulation of your spa's hot water promotes blood vessel dilation (where the vessels widen) which aids blood flow. This increased blood flow means oxygen and nutrients are more able to reach affected areas to repair any damage. Increased blood circulation also helps with vital organs, although caution should be taken as this can also be detrimental with some conditions.

So, the meaning behind this message is – just because the temperature may have dropped, there are all kinds of reasons to love your spa more. And to ensure your spa's healing qualities are all they can be, just pop into your local BioGuard Approved Retailer, with a sample of your spa's water, for professional advice.