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Tips for entertaining around your pool

Tips for entertaining around your pool

The winter weather is over, longer days are present and the sun is enticing us to leave the comfort of the indoors. Summer pool season is nearly here! Now is the perfect time to start planning your next party around the pool. Getting organised now, will make it a breeze when your friends and family visit for that pool party.

Plan Ahead

Nobody wants their guests to have a bad time and the key to a successful pool party is ensuring your pool is ready. Ensuring your pool equipment is working and your pool water is sanitised and balanced is a must, so you and your guests can enjoy your pool and not end up with irritated eyes or skin.

Assess your Pool Lifestyle

When prepping for entertaining around your pool, it’s useful to consider your pool lifestyle. Is your pool the local hangout for your kids and all their friends? Or is the space geared towards evening barbeques and late-night swims? Assessing your lifestyle allows you to get organised efficiently and ensure you are using your pool to its best capacity. It also helps determine the best time to apply chemical treatments and clean your pool, when swimmers are not going to be wanting to use the pool.

To create the perfect kid’s retreat, invest in flotation devices, pool toys, and extra beach towels. You will be equipped to entertain the masses!

An enticing poolside oasis will need lounge chairs, night-time lighting, and stylish outdoor dinnerware. Decorating with bright colours will make your pool area fun and inviting. But beware – your outdoor space will be so lovely you’ll never be able to get your guests to leave!


If you plan on having guests over in the evening, ensure your pool area will be adequately lit. Lanterns and fairy lights are an inexpensive option to complement your pool lighting and will create a relaxing ambience. It also helps keep the mozzies away!

Getting your pool prepped in advance will allow you to focus on what’s truly important – quality time spent with family and friends. And you don’t have to blow your budget. Following our simple tips will transform your pool area into a heavenly space. It’s time to get cool by the pool!