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Smart pool tips for the silly season

Smart pool tips for the silly season

Our top 5 tips

1. Testing, testing

There’s a simple rule of thumb – the more the pool is being used, the more you need to test it. Testing 2–3 times a week ought to do the trick – and you’ll want the pH levels sitting around the 7.5 mark.

2. Clean, sweep and scrub

It is easy to forget, especially in the holidays, that sweeping up and disposing of leaf litter from around the pool is the best way to avoid having to remove it from the water and filter. With more bodies in the pool, comes more nasties like sunscreen grease and dirt. A quick scrub every few days will keep the pool inviting.

3. Keep an eye on your water level

Another thing to watch for (especially during summer) is the water level of your pool. If it’s too low, it can run your pump dry, and run up a costly bill to replace. If the level is too high, your skimmer box won’t work efficiently. If you do have to top up your pool, you might have to test and adjust your pH and sanitiser levels, too. Remember, on especially hot days, two things happen. The pool tends to get used more and more water evaporates – both affecting the level. So, what is the right level for your pool? The water surface should be just below halfway up the skimmer weir/flap.

4. DEFENCE! / Insurance / Party Recovery

After a big party (day or night) your pool will have been stressed out with all the excessive sweat, sunscreen and grease from your guests. The water will look flat and tired. You could leave it and risk a green pool, or add Lite or Salt Pool Sparkle to immediately recover your pool. 1 bag per 50,000L will do the trick!

Don’t let anything spoil the fun

Most backyard swimming pools exist for one reason – fun. And the summer holidays are your pool’s time to shine. So, make sure the water is crystal clear by keeping it perfectly balanced. When it comes to balancing your pool, BioGuard has a whole host of specialised products including:

Of course, if you have any questions at all, your local BioGuard Approved Retailer will have all the answers.

Everyone here at BioGuard would like to wish our huge pool of loyal customers and retailers a safe Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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