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Preventing Scale Build-Up

Preventing Scale Build-Up

Been noticing an unsightly white film around your pool’s water line? 
Well it’s probably an indication of chemical imperfections…

Scale build-up is the unwanted formation of calcium, which is found in almost every source of water.

If neglected, it can really damage your pool. Essentially, once a pipe is full of scale, circulation is obstructed. This means that your chemicals won’t be circulating properly, increasing your chances of bacteria and algae growth. Just like cholesterol clogging your arteries, calcium can obstruct your pipes, causing pressure build-up which will eventually blow up your pump and break your pipes.

So, to make sure you aren’t spending your summer removing scale, follow these simple preventative methods:

Test regularly, to ensure calcium hardness levels are between 175 – 275ppm

Deposits begin to form when calcium levels are too high.

You want to maintain proper pH balance (7.4 – 7.6ppm) and alkalinity (80 – 150ppm).

You can also manage calcium levels by adding a scale prevention product like BioGuard Scale Inhibitor, or Salt Pool Stain and Scale Control.

Scrub pool walls as part of your maintenance

People often leave this out. Don’t. It’s a crucial step in preventing scale deposits.

Get a pool cover

A reduction in evaporation will result in far less scale build-up.

Make sure it all balances out in the future

If scale build-up becomes a problem, you may need to seek professional advice. Water balance has a much bigger effect on scaling than calcium levels on their own.

This summer, don’t let unsightly scale deposits detract from your pool’s beauty, and avoid the costs of clogged pipes and a broken pump. And, if it is still a problem, call your local BioGuard Approved Retailer.

Preventing Scale Build-Up