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Make your pool a Summer Stunner with our 3 Step Program

Make your pool a Summer Stunner with our 3 Step Program

It’s over; winter is finally over – and we couldn’t be happier! It means shorter nights, warmer temperatures, and the triumphant return of the swimming pool – it’s an exciting time of the year. For many of us though, winter is the time of the year where our pool maintenance falls to the wayside. Thankfully, our 3 Step Program is here to ensure a healthy, summer-ready pool, without breaking the bank.

Step 1 – Healthy Water

Sanitising is the first step to a healthy pool. A sanitiser, otherwise known as chlorine or salt (for salt pools), will clean your water by killing bacteria, but it won’t do the whole job.

For instance, simply using a sanitiser will mean:

  • Only 20% of the chlorine kills bacteria
  • 40% is used to clear cloudy water
  • 40% is used to kill algae

It’s important to note that the regular application of a sanitiser is essential in any pool maintenance schedule, but – as the BioGuard 3 Step Program outlines – only when used in conjunction with other products.

For a longer lasting chlorine, we recommend using, BioGuard Smart Sticks. If you’re looking for convenience, BioGuard Ezi-Floater is a great option or BioGuard’s Power Chlor is another brilliant product that improves filter efficiency and water feel. However, if you do have a salt pool BioGuard Salt Pool Sticks will work for you!

Step 2 – Sparkling Clear Water

To really make your water sparkle, the use of an oxidiser is paramount. Essentially, it removes impurities from the water – allowing the chlorine to really do its work. You’ll also find that a properly oxidised pool won’t irritate the eyes or skin. But, you’re not finished yet:

  • Now 60% of the chlorine will be killing bacteria
  • But 40% of the chlorine is still struggling to remove algae

We suggest using BioGuard Lite, a patented maintenance oxidiser specifically designed to improve chlorine efficiency, without super-chlorinating the pool. Alternatively, BioGuard Salt Pool Sparkle is another high quality Oxidiser.

Step 3 – No Green Pool

Algae spores are always present, and when they become active they thrive on waste within the water. To remove and prevent algae from your pool, you will always need to use an algaecide. It also guarantees the success of your chlorine and oxidiser. By following all 3 steps:

  • 100% of your chlorine is working to destroy harmful bacteria

We suggest using BioGuard MSA Extreme, a patented and non-staining copper-based algaecide. Otherwise, BioGuard Algi Destroyer or Polygard Concentrate are highly effective algaecides that are ideal for fresh water pools. Alternatively, if you have a salt water pool BioGuard Salt Pool Protector will be your best choice.

Make your pool a Summer Stunner with our 3 Step Program