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Keeping your pool energy efficient

Keeping your pool energy efficient

Don’t let your electricity bills get the better of you this summer! Keep cool, calm and collected and follow our simple tips for an energy efficient pool.

Go to the dark side

Even the colour of your pool can affect your energy consumption! Darker coloured pool finishes absorb and retain more of the sun’s rays which then helps to heat your pool. So if you’re in the process of installing or updating your pool, picking a darker finish will increase its energy efficiency!

Install LED lighting

Lighting can be the piece de resistance when it comes to your pool design. Choose wisely, however, when it comes to the type of light you install. LED lights are far more energy efficient and durable than incandescent or fluorescent lights, and will save you money in the long run! 

Create a natural windbreak

For many, pool landscaping is an afterthought. But besides elevating the design of your backyard, putting in plantings, installing a solid fence, or some other form of windbreak, will minimise heat loss in your water and help to reduce your pool’s energy costs!

Pool cover

When you’re not using your pool, cover it up! By protecting your pool from the elements, a cover does several important things. It significantly reduces evaporation, meaning you spend less money on topping up your pool with water, and subsequently less on re-balancing your pool with chemicals. It also minimises heat loss by insulating the water, which in turn reduces your heating costs!  

Maintain your filtration system

Keep your filtration system spick and span by giving it a regular clean and backwash. A dirty filter overloads your pump, which consumes a lot more energy. Equally, if your system is getting old, it might be time to replace it. A new filter will be more efficient, cutting the cost of your energy bill!

Install solar panels

Investing in a solar pool heating system is guaranteed to save you money on your energy bills. Despite the initial cost of outlay, the low annual operating costs of solar heating means it’s by far the most economical and sustainable method of heating your pool. 

Keep your pool cool

If you keep your pool temperature on the warmer side, it will consume more energy and increase the growth rate of Algae. Use BioGuard AlgiGuard to combat algae growth. 

Automate your pool

Before pool season is in full swing, set aside some time to research the different pool technology on the market. New technology is continually being released, automating your pool’s systems so that it runs during off-peak energy times, optimising your energy consumption. 

Switch off the heater

Finally, if you’re going away or don’t plan on using your pool for an extended period, switch off your pool heater! 

NOTE: If you turn your heater right down or switch it off when you’re not using it, it may end up costing you more. Continually resetting your pool’s temperature can use more energy and wreak havoc on the heating element. Instead, keep it on a consistent temperature and cover it up when you’re not using it. Doing this minimises energy wastage in two ways: unnecessary energy isn’t being wasted, keeping your pool at a higher temperature; and secondly, you’re not using excess electricity to reheat your water every time you want to swim. For this reason, we recommend only turning your heating off if you’re going away on holiday or won’t be using it for an extended period. 

Follow these simple steps, and you can enjoy your pool guilt-free all summer!

Keeping your pool energy efficient