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How to prevent ducks swimming in your pool

How to prevent ducks swimming in your pool

Who doesn’t love the idea of a little family of ducks waddling around your yard? While the thought might be nice, the reality of those ducks living and swimming in your pool is less than ideal.

Ducks will have any measure of feathers, dander, mites, dust, poo and dirt on them. When they hop into your pool, all this washes off into the water. This makes the water unhygienic and unsafe to swim in, affects your water balance and can make your pool water cloudy.

But ducks are lovely little creatures, and you don’t want to hurt or scare them off. So how can you keep them out of the pool?

Fortunately we have the answer! BioGuard AlgiGuard reduces water surface tension, making it uncomfortable and awkward for ducks to swim in. This is a gentle deterrent – nothing to scare them off or hurt them – just causes them to make their own decision to leave!

Not only that, but reduced surface tension deters insects as well – that’s two birds with one stone! (pun intended). No more mozzies and no more ducks interrupting your swim. Just pour 15mL of AlgiGuard per 10,000 litres of pool water into your pool every week. This will keep the water surface tension at the perfect level for deterring unwanted visitors and allowing you to swim in peace!

If that wasn’t enough, AlgiGuard is also an algaecide. This means it prevents a wide range of algae from growing in the water. Using the same weekly dose as above will also keep algae at bay and prevent your pool from going green! (Heavy rain falls increase the chance of an algae bloom, so we recommend doing twice the weekly dosage after a heavy rain).

But what is if your pool has already turned green and you need a fast fix? AlgiGuard to the rescue again! For a green pool, we recommend adding 90mL of AlgiGuard per 10,000 litres of pool water (poured around pool edges). Or better yet, just contact your local BioGuard Approved Retailer for expert assistance and advice!