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How To Clean Your Filter With BioGuard Filter Brite

How To Clean Your Filter With BioGuard Filter Brite

The filter is a vital part of your pool equipment. To ensure it continues to operate effectively, it will require regular cleaning. Fortunately, this is a quick and easy process with BioGuard Filter Briteā„¢! Read below, or you can also watch our short, helpful video here.

Benefits of BioGuard Filter Brite

  • Sanitises your filter
  • Removes grease
  • Removes scale and rust deposits
  • Promotes filter efficiency and clean water


STEP 1: Remove the cartridge from the filter.

STEP 2: Rinse the filter with a garden hose.

STEP 3: Mix one sachet of Filter Brite in a plastic container of clean water.

Step 4: Completely immerse the cartridge into the solution.

STEP 5: Soak overnight.

STEP 6: Rinse off the cartridge with a garden hose.

STEP 7: Return the cartridge filter and continue to operate as normal.


STEP 1: Turn off the pump.

STEP 2: Remove the pump basket lid.

STEP 3: Completely dissolve one sachet of Filter Brite in 1-2 litres of clean water.

STEP 4: Pour the Filter Brite solution into your pump basket.

STEP 5: With the pump basket lid off, turn your pump back on.

STEP 6: When the pump basket has emptied, turn the pump off and put the pump basket lid back on.

STEP 7: Wait for at least 6 hours, or preferably overnight.

STEP 8: Backwash your filter (for backwashing instructions, watch this short video).

STEP 9: Return your filter setting to filtration mode, and operate as normal.

And there you have it! Regular use of Filter Brite will assist in lengthening the life of your filter and reduce maintenance costs.