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How much chlorine do you need in your pool?

How much chlorine do you need in your pool?

There are so many important elements involved in maintaining your pool, one that immediately comes to mind is chlorine. Chlorine is responsible for making AND KEEPING your pool water healthy and safe to swim in. Without it, your pool would be filled with an excess of nasty bacteria that can cause anything from a slight sniffle to stomach cramping and vomiting.

It seems like a simple premise, add enough chlorine to keep the bacteria at bay, but your pool is constantly bombarded by environmental factors – such as dust, organic matter, leaves, algae spores, human sweat and saliva – that make it difficult to keep chlorine levels consistent. But the question remains – how much chlorine do you actually need in your pool? And what do you do if you don’t have the right amount?

The minimum requirement

Your pool needs a minimum concentration of 1ppm and up to a max of 4ppm of chlorine, so you don’t have to worry about stinging eyes or excessive bacteria growth! Where you sit within the range will depend on the temperature, whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool and your current stabiliser levels – if you aim for 3ppm during hot weather you are doing well.

Testing the level

It’s best to use a test strip to measure the chlorine levels regularly. If it’s getting close to 1ppm, or if it’s falling below, then you know that your pool has been exposed to bacterial growth – yuck! – and needs immediate attention. You’ll need to give it a shock dose and be vigilant over the coming weeks to restore it to a healthy state. We recommend taking a water sample to your nearest BioGuard Approved Retailer, where they can offer their expertise and help you get your pool swiftly back on track.

Rather than relying on products with added chlorine, it’s better for your pool if you use specialised products to solve specialised problems. For example, you should use an algaecide to prevent algae from growing, or use a clarifier to remove waste via your pool filter. That way you have better control over the process!

The difference

It’s important to remember every pool is different, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Your best bet is to get your pool water tested regularly at a BioGuard Approved Retailer, so you’ll be achieving the ideal 1-3ppm pf chlorine and enjoying your healthy pool in no time. And apart from the occasional boost needed after a storm, or when the kids fill the pool with bubble bath, your pool will be a simple pleasure all year round!

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How much chlorine do you need in your pool?