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How does BioGuard Spa Perfect Balance™ keep spa water perfectly balanced?

BioGuard Spa Perfect Balance

Spa water must be balanced – meaning the pH level, Total Alkalinity (TA) level and Calcium Hardness (CH) level, all need to be within certain parameters. This is so your chemicals work effectively. Chemicals like sanitiser – which eliminates harmful bacteria from growing in the water – won’t work properly if the water isn’t balanced.

The spa balancing parameters are:

pH: between 7.4 – 7.6

TA: 80 – 150 parts per million (ppm)

CH: 100 – 200ppm

You can measure these parameters by taking a water sample into your nearest BioGuard Approved Retailer, or measuring yourself with a test kit or test strips.

Does all this sound too complex?

There is an easier solution!

BioGuard Spa Perfect Balance is a unique all-in-one product that locks in your pH, and helps control your TA and CH levels. This perfect balance will maintain stable, comfortable pH for up to 60 days, when you can drain and refill your spa to ensure the water stays fresh. (Draining your spa regularly is general advice for spa owners, regardless of their water balancing routine.)

To speak to your local spa professional about Perfect Balance, contact your nearest BioGuard Approved Retailer today!