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Does a pool add property value?

Does a pool add property value

Have your kids been nagging you non-stop about putting in a pool?

Well, they might be on to something!

The benefits of a pool are endless – relaxation, aesthetics, entertainment, exercise, a way to keep the kids occupied...

But on top of that, real estate experts suggest that a backyard pool can also add thousands to your overall property value!

They do advise, however, that before you take the plunge into pool ownership, you should consider the following factors to ensure it’s a smart investment.

Does your area have a lot of pools?

In some areas, there’s an expectation that a home has a pool (particularly in hot climates), but in others, it’s a rarity. If your area falls into the latter, think about whether there’s a reason for this. If you live in a cold climate where you’ll only be able to swim for a few weeks of the year, then it might not be worthwhile. You should consider other options like a spa or indoor swimming pool.

Get the positioning right

Before you put in a pool, think strategically about where you plan on positioning it. Speak to a pool builder about where they think it would be best positioned on your property, and as always, get a second opinion. They’re experts in their industry, and they will offer an insight into the design process that you could easily overlook. A well-positioned pool can save you money on heating costs, depending on the orientation of your land and the amount of time your pool receives direct sun. Equally, steering clear of trees and plants that drop leaves will save maintenance costs. Finally, you should ensure your pool design complements your home and allows for some space in your backyard to entertain poolside.

Real estate advice

It’s also a good idea to speak with a local agent about how much extra value a pool would add to your property if you decided to sell. Again, they offer a different perspective, and they’re knowledgeable on your local area.

Consider your lifestyle

While you want your pool to be a sound investment, you also want to make sure you use it. Pools provide endless hours of entertainment, but you need to make sure it’s the right fit! There is an abundance of pool designs to suit every lifestyle, from large family pools to plunge pools that are perfect for empty-nesters. Take the time before you build, to work out which pool is perfect for your lifestyle.

Installing a pool will get your kids off your back, but even better, if it’s well-positioned, beautifully landscaped and integrates seamlessly into the design of your property, it’s likely to make your home highly sought after when you decide to put it on the market!

Does a pool add property value