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A sparkling pool for summer in three simple steps.

A sparkling pool for summer in three simple steps.

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Spring has sprung, which means summer is just around the corner! You’ll probably be ready to go swimming in the pool very soon. But, is the pool ready for you to take a dip?

If the answer is no, don’t panic, we can help your pool get back to its sparkling self in just three simple steps. Think of it as a fail-safe spring clean. You’ll be loving the crystal-clear water come summertime as you dive in.

Before your three-step-prep, ensure your pool’s pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6. Your BioGuard Approved Retailer can help with testing and suggesting a suitable Balancer to get it in the ultimate state for its summer prepping.

step 1

Step 1 – For healthy water

This step ensures you kill bacteria in the pool. For this step you will need a sanitiser – it’s the foundation of all good pool maintenance.

step 2

Some recommended sanitisers are:

BioGuard Pacific Blue Power Tabs – fantastic for standard chlorine pools

BioGuard Swim Tabs – perfect if you have an automatic feeder or suitable floater

BioGuard Smarter Sticks – great for salt water and chlorine pools

step 3

Step 2 – For sparkling water

As this suggests, this is where you make the pool water lovely and crystal clear by using an oxidiser. While the oxidiser is hard at work removing all the impurities, the sanitiser can focus on destroying the bacteria in the pool. Both of the products are more effective this way and work together to give you the ultimate results.

step 4

Some recommended oxidisers are:

BioGuard Lite – dissolves almost immediately

BioGuard Salt Pool Sparkle – adds sparkle to a salt pool

step 5

Step 3 – For clean water

Algae spores are always present in your pool water just waiting for the chance to bloom and turn your pool a lovely shade of green. To remove the spores from the water you need to use an algaecide. By using an algaecide in conjunction with a sanitiser and oxidiser you can be assured your pool water will be clear and sparkling for summer!

step 6

Some recommended algaecides are:

BioGuard AlgiGuard – fights against a variety of algae

BioGuard Salt Pool Protector II – your best choice if you have a salt pool

So, there you have it. Three steps to sparkling, clear, healthy, soft water. Makes you want to go swimming just thinking about it.

And remember, you can always take a water sample to your local BioGuard Approved Retailer who can test it and recommend the ideal products for your BioGuard 3 Step Program, specific for your pool.